Ecology, Conservation & Field Notes

Tracking the seasons in an urban jungle. Eartha Mag. April, 2017
Lessons in eating: Field notes from the Western Ghats. Goya Media. January, 2017

Where grizzled squirrels roam free. Deccan Herald Spectrum.  Oct, 2016
The summer of spiny-tailed lizards. The Hindu. August, 2016
The smell of leaves could have helped Nemo find home. Current Conservation. August, 2015
Quest to find an elusive snail. Current Conservation. April, 2015

Lessons in Wooing from the Natural World. The Alternative. June, 2014
Happy Tree Friends. The Alternative. May, 2014
Pilgrimage with a Difference. Sanctuary Asia. April, 2014
A Hoot of an Encounter with a Barn Owl. The Alternative. April, 2014
Lycaenid butterfies, the masters of deception. The Alternative. March, 2014
Gliding Marvels of Midnight. JLR Explore. February, 2014
Know Your Urban Wildlife. Caleidoscope. February, 2014.
The Lily Moths and its Dubious Relationship with the Lily. The Alternative. January, 2014
KV Gururaja and His World of Frogs. Caleidoscope. January, 2014.
Finding Awe in the World of Insects. Deccan Herald Student Edition. December 2013
Watching a Bird Party Unfold. Deccan Herald Student Edition. September, 2013
The Adventures of a Nature Sleuth. Deccan Herald Student Edition. August, 2013
Our Parthenium-Hungry Amigos. Deccan Herald Student Edition. July, 2013


Other published work

The Island I Call Home. Caleidoscope. 2013.
A Penchant for Bus Tickets. Caleidoscope. 2013
The Peculiar Cherai Beach. India Untraveled. January, 2013.



M Krishnan Memorial Nature Writing Award 2014: Second place for 'Two Redstarts and the Mountains'.

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