Sunday, June 4, 2017

Miss Monsoon Has a Flair for Drama

Miss Monsoon reached Kerala a few days ago, chuckling lightly to herself. She knew the Weather Usurers were closely watching her every move and were weak with relief that she had stuck to schedule. She enjoyed making them nervous.

All of last month, her apprentices had managed to arrange for some pre-monsoon showers. They were patted on their backs and quickly shepherded away as soon as the news of Miss Monsoon's arrival came. She needed a lot of space and could not be distracted (she was very easily distracted).

Miss Monsoon along with Wind, Sky and Clouds are part of a very successful drama club. They have a few standard acts, but people fall for it every single time.

It usually goes thusly:

Before and between rains, the world turns shades of purple and orange.

Lightning rips through the sky, loud peals of thunder reverberate inside people looking hopefully skywards.

A wind stirs in the trees, swirls to the earth and picks up leaves, unsuspecting insects and blows expectant umbrellas inside out.

A light drizzle may begin, or a few heavy drops may fall in a distracted sort of way.

This can continue or alternate for hours.

What this drama club has perfected over many centuries, though, is a sense of suspense that bewilders the weathermen and does not amuse the Weather Usurers.

Its favourite finale is to stop mid act, just when everyone has held their breaths,waiting expectantly. 


  1. Shivona BhojwaniJune 7, 2017 at 4:22 AM

    Too cute

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