Saturday, September 15, 2012

Early Morning Suns

Early today morning a glorious sun was rolling across the sky. I was up and running (for me this is really slow-mo running and speedy walking) at 6.30 and by 6.45 the stretch of road in our colony on which, if you stand (or slow-mo run or speedy walk) and look up you can see an endless uninterrupted sky arched above you, was flooded with golden light. The kind of light that doesn’t collect in puddles or hang suspended from leaves, but instead suffuses what it touches all at once. If you approached the road from a distance, you could only vaguely make out shapes that were blurred by the light. Dodo and Pretty Boy (our neighbourhood bandit dogs) were outlined in a golden glow as they greeted all the early morning walkers.
The sun picked out leaves and flowers and a feature on a face and a ear of a bandit dog and set them aglow while the rest of the world remained in shadow. On other roads it twinkled behind trees like a river in the sky.
And then suddenly, it was hidden by clouds and the morning subsided into its mellow brightness.
Little footnote: MapMyRun, an Android app, is so cool! It maps your distance, speed and route and makes you feel cool and athletic.

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