Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Absent-Minded Miss Monsoon

Miss Monsoon is not terribly punctual. This year, it was only late August by the time she actually arrived in Bangalore.

Members of the weather family (who orchestrate the weather to the best of their ability) find the vagaries of Miss Monsoon quite trying and have lost many a hair in their efforts to arrange her timely arrival. They call themselves The Weather Usurers (they frequently curse the day such a profession was born). As always, when Miss Monsoon is late, complete chaos ensues in the heavens. This time, some of her apprentices were sent to try their luck with a light drizzle (How to Make it Drizzle: A Level 4 Lesson). Apprentices, who were taken on for the sole reason to step in for Miss Monsoon when she was off gallivanting.

She arrived a few days later with swishing skirts and wind in her hair and rumblings of thunder in her tummy. Miss Monsoon, whose long hair was always dry. Allowances were made for her absent-mindedness. Everyone rejoiced her arrival. The Weather Usurers sank weakly into a rocking chair in relief.

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